Hands of Victory is based on traditional no limit Texas Hold’em poker rules and the single table tournament format. If you know traditional poker you’ll pick up the game easily. If you’re already good at poker then you’ll likely have a leg up. But if you think your existing skills will be enough to master the game then you are in for a rough ride.

The following features ensure that every tournament you play will test your ability to adapt, evolve and ditch trusted, old strategies.

Customizable characters

Play eight colorful and customizable characters that all have their own special abilities that favour different play styles. Learn more


Play aggressively, make the right moves and reach certain goals to score big. The higher your score, the more in-game currency and XP you earn.  Learn more


Watch your stack decrease as the tournament progresses. The blind bets never go up. Instead all stacks are cut at predetermined intervals. Learn more

Dual progression system

Improve each character’s Reputation to unlock abilities, extend customization and qualify for Ranking. Level-up as a player to earn additional rewards. Learn more 


Use 19 different abilities to gain an edge. Discover powerful combos, find out invaluable info about your opponents and make sure you get the most out of your cards.  Learn more

Individual deck deal

Get dealt starting hands from your own deck instead of from a communal deck. Piece together the best possible starting hands and make the most out of what you know about your own and other players’ decks. Learn more

Pineapple Draw

Pick from three starting cards instead of two. The card you discard goes back into your deck for use later. Learn more

Ranking & Rating

Place on ten different leaderboards and top character specific rankings to qualify for special events and finals. Perform well over time to raise your rating and prove your status as a top player! Learn more