Playable Characters

Before playing a game you must pick from one of the game’s eight playable characters. Each character has its own personality, background and play style that is reflected in that character’s Edges. Each character has three edges:  A passive ability, an active ability and a Cunning value. Once you have selected a character you can customize it by unlocking and adding additional abilities.


Cunning is similar to mana. It represents your selected character’s mental strength. The more Cunning a character is the more active abilities the character can use without negatively impacting score. Through certain abilities and game events, you can gain more Cunning during play. Read more about Cunning.



A character’s active ability edge is an ability that costs Cunning to use and that initially can only be used with that character. But if you play through the character’s progression arc in Contender Mode you will unlock it for use with ALL characters. Read more about abilities. 


A character’s passive ability edge is an ability that does not cost any Cunning to use. It triggers automatically based on certain game events or actions. This edge is unique to a character and CAN NOT be unlocked for use with other characters. Read more about abilities.