How will some of the sharpest minds in poker tackle Hands of Victory?

How will they take advantage of the game’s novel gameplay mechanics to make the most out of their deck duelling skills?
In order to find out we have invited four prominent poker players to face-off against four of our most experienced beta test players.

Pitted against each other in a unique points-based Swiss format, the eight players will have to constantly revise their strategies in order to make. Players will play three four-handed Sit & Go tournaments each and a leaderboard  based firstly on number of wins and secondly on total score across their three games will track their performance.
The top 4 ranked players after all three rounds will quality for a single 4-handed final.

The event will be streamed by three of the pros.You can also follow the action by registering for the game and spectating the tables from the game’s Activity Center.

Pro player roster:

Jeff ”jeffgrosspoker” Gross —>
Fintan ”EasyWithAces” Hand —>
Ben ‘Spraggy’ Spragg —>
Phil ”USCphildo” Collins


Friday, April 28 at 7pm CET / 1pm EST


1. Players will play three rounds…

Of 4-handed tournaments. Their performances will be ranked and the overall top players after each round will face each other in the next round.


2. Players will be ranked…

Based (a) on most wins and (b) highest score.The top 4 ranked players after all three rounds will quality for a single 4-handed final.

3. Before and between…

The initial Swiss rounds players are free to select from and switch between all 8 playable characters and can customize them will all abilities.

4. In the final…

Only one player can play a specific character. The top ranked player will get to pick first, followed by the second rated player and so on.

5. Prize money…

Will be awarded as follows: $1000 to the winner, $300 to the runner up and $200 to the third place finisher.