In this section we will guide you through the game. From how to start a game all the way to how you qualify for the monthly Hands of Victory tournament.

Rules: Hands of Victory is based on standard Texas Hold’em no limit poker rules. Please familiarize yourself with them before proceeding.  However, several features introduces novel strategic elements, tactical considerations and ways for good players to gain an edge. Read more about these core features here.

Basic Gameplay




You register/ log-in by going to play.handsofvictory.com. During the beta testing period registering will require beta key. You can request one here. 

Once you’ve logged-in you will see the Main Menu screen. Let’s pick a game mode! Trial Mode is a simple tutorial like mode played against bots. In Grind Mode you rack up in-game currency called Shark Points. Contender Mode is where you unlock new features, level-up and ultimately rank.




For the purpose of this tutorial we select Grind Mode.

Chose a character from the game’s roster of colorful grinders. All eight have their own unique personalities and abilities. And all eight are available for play right from the start. You can freely change character from game to game. Take the time to hover over the icons underneath each to understand their strengths. Read more about the various abilities here.


Let’s pick the elegant Cat and customize her build. You that by clicking on the ability panel slots on the right

The Ability Customization pop-up presents all your available abilities.Unfortunately you have very few to choose from at the start but as you prove your worth in Contender Mode you will gain access to more.The digit next to the icon represents the cost of using an ability once during play. This is called the Ability Trigger Cost.




Close the pop-up and click “Play”.

Once you click play its s time to review who you will be up against. You are randomly assigned a seat at a table. As more players join that table you can review their builds by tapping the down arrow. This can be vital to know.  Once the table is filled a brief countdown will alert you to the imminent start of the game. The game will start automatically once the countdown is finished.

Time to play! Please check one of the other tutorials for a walkthrough of the user interface. You are always seated at the bottom. Please note that it is perfectly possible for other players to play with the same character that you chose. A game takes 15-20 minutes on average but the majority clock in at less than that. Unless you’re good enough to win pretty much every one!

Once your fate has been sealed or your dominance has been confirmed it is time to reap the rewards. The outcome of your final game score depends on the game mode. If you play Grind Mode then your score will convert into Shark Points – the game’s special currency.

If you play Contender Mode your score will convert into XP. Once you hit certain XP thresholds you will level-up and improve the Reputation of the character you played with. Each level and each Reputation status triggers its own set of rewards.
One click later and you’re back at the main menu.

Table interface

table-call-foldThis is the game table interface. The basic action buttons FOLD/CALL/RAISE pop-up whenever it is your turn. You are always seated in the bottom position. The panel housing the various ability icon is called the Ability Panel. In the bottom right corner you can toggle chat on/off and access the Shark Awards info pop-up. But let’s go through the various elements one at a time…
table-all-inClick the Raise button to access the Raise Bar. Use the pre-set buttons or drag it manually.

cat-close-up1The Ability Panel is where the abilities you chose before the game are housed. You can hover over them to get a reminder of what each ability does. Ability icons will be inactive whenever you cannot use them. Pink abilities are passive abilities that trigger automatically. The amount in orange box at the start of the game is equal to your selected character’s Cunning. As you score points the amount will increase. Whenever you use an ability the amount will decrease. Whatever you have left when you win or are eliminated represents the foundation for your final score. Read more about scoring here.  Note the little red deck. Let’s tap it.

table-my-deckWhen you click on either your own or an opponent’s deck icon you will presented with an overview of what information you have about the deck. Like which cards has the player already played that you know of? And how strong are his remaining cards? Note that in order to access this information you must tap/click and hold the deck icon.

cat-three-cards1When a new hand begins you are immediately faced with an important decision. You are dealt three hole cards but only get to keep two. Tap on the one you don’t like to discard it. The discarded card goes back into your deck. 

cat-1-player-all-inWhenever you qualify for a points scoring Shark Award you will be notified by a small speech bubble containing the name of the Shark Award and the points you gained. In this case you earned the potent Gotcha! Shark Award and scored 5 points. Learn more about available Shark Awards by accessing the Shark Award information pop-up via the right hand corner icon.